Tokyo Design Academy
About TDA
Future Goals of TDA (Philosophy and Ideals)
1. To instill in all our students the knowledge and techniques applicable in today's creative environments.
2. To realize all individuals' full artistic potential and to develop a high degree of communication skills.
In achieving the above two goals, it is our hope to nurture creativity, realize people's dreams, and bridge cultures.
■ TDA endeavors to remain a progressive, international institute that specializes in the teaching of design, by using a modern curriculum facilitated by a team of dedicated professionals.
■ TDA makes every effort to draw out the latent talents of each and every individual, and nurture the artist within them including design skills and communication skills.
Style of TDA (Special Characteristics)
- Quality education that focuses on both fundamental and advanced principles
Teaching from the fundamentals up better instills our students with the degree of adaptability necessary to function professionally in any future work environment.
- Personal guidance calibrated for each individual
Professional educators and active creators provide guidance that focuses on the character, ability, and individuality of each student.
- Career education with the future in mind
Career Design (taught as part of all our courses) provides our students with invaluable career insight, developing communication skills vital to the Designer's skillset, while honing the social skills necessary to work confidently in a team-like manner.
- Harajuku campus
Our curriculum nurtures business- and academia-collaborative opportunities by promoting design projects in cooperation with local shops and businesses throughout the Harajuku area. The purpose of such projects is to cultivate keen sensitivity in design in students in their daily lives.
Tokyo Design Academy established in Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku.
Completion of Building No. 1. TDA certified by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
TDA certified as a school for specialized studies (name changed to “Tokyo Specialist School of Design”).
Completion of Building No. 2.
Establishment of the education corporation “Harajuku Academy” approved, and certified as “Harajuku Academy Education Corporation”.
Completion of Building No. 3.
As of March, graduates of specialist courses (over 2 years) awarded the title of “Specialist” by the Minister of Education.
Tokyo Design Academy Alumni Association established in commemoration of the Academy’s 30th anniversary.
Completion of New Building No. 1.
Harajuku Design Project commemorates TDA’s 40th anniversary.
Vocational Practice Program certified by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.
50th anniversary of TDA.