Tokyo Design Academy
“I want to acquire the skills required to work in design, manga, anime, art, etc.”
“I want to become a professional someday.”
“I want to acquire the skills necessary to give me professional confidence.”
Tokyo Design Academy places importance on the basics, to ensure complete grasp of the practical skills our students' future careers will demand.
Visual Design Department (3 years)
Visual Design Major
For those aspiring to become directors with an overarching grasp of everything from graphics to audio-visuals
This department teaches all aspects of advertisement planning and production, such as poster creation, packaging, and web design.
Creative Art Department (3 years)
Creative Art Major
For those wishing to develop their own unique artistic style
This department teaches the fundamentals of artistic creation, how to create works for various types of media objectives, both 2D and 3D, practical and digital crafts, along with providing the necessary hands-on experience.
Graphic Design Department (2 years)
Advertising Design Major/Web and video design/Package Design Major/Graphic Art Major
For those aspiring to become print media designers or web media designers
This department mainly teaches how to design advertising materials including posters, brochures, packaging, and web content.
Illustration Department (2 years)
Realistic Illustration Major/Character Design Major/Children’s Books Major
For those aspiring to become illustrators skilled in creating work in a wide range of fields
This department teaches techniques in all aspects of illustration, including realism, character design, and picture books.
Manga Department (2 years)
Comic Story Major/Media Comic Major
For those aspiring to become fully-rounded comic story authors and/or comic illustrators
This department teaches (through a series of practical, hands-on projects) the prerequisite depiction and storytelling skills for creating comics. The course also covers digital comic production techniques.
Animation Department (2 years)
Animation Major
For those aspiring to become animators and art designers
This department nurtures animators, character designers, and art designers aspiring to work in the television and film industries. In addition to hands-on projects, the course also covers drawing techniques and conceptual thinking/planning which are essential for animators and art designers.
Interior Design Department (2 years)
Interior Design and Coordination Major/Residential Design Major
For those who want to learn interior design and coordination, and residential design techniques
This department focuses primarily on teaching residential interior design and coordination, second-level architectural techniques, as well as building furniture and creating lighting fixtures.
Display Design Department (2 years)
Display Design Major
For those who want to learn about commercial space design
This department teaches essential skills in planning, designing, and decorating commercial spaces, such as shops, showrooms, exhibitions, windows, stages, and theme parks.
Fashion Accessories Department (2 years)
Fashion Accessories Major
For those who want to learn how to design and produce jewelry, accessories, and fashion items
This department provides a comprehensive course in design, coordination, and handicraft.